Rap Style Legal Article

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Yo, yo, listen up, I got some legal advice,
Gonna rap to you about it, so it’s nice and precise.
From PPM rules to Australian contract law,
Gonna lay it out for you, no need to withdraw.

Business interruption insurance, what does it cover?
Covered in detail, so you can recover.
And if you’re in the UK, wonderin’ about tax deductions,
Business coaching tax deductible – yeah, that’s the function.

Check out the latest legal news from a UK law magazine,
Stay informed and educated, it’s like legal bandage.
And when it comes to chicken and antibiotics’ legality,
The implications explained, no more technicality.

Looking to start a 5-star hotel business?
Legal tips and advice, and you’ll be a witness.
Make sure your documents are legal and binding,
So your business stays strong, no unwinding.

Australian contract law, 5th edition principles are the key,
To understanding the law, so you’re legally free.
And don’t forget about that business associate agreement Google,
Keep it all in writing, never verbal, stay frugal.

If you’re a small business, looking for a free bookkeeping system,
Stay organized and efficient, that’s how you beat ’em.
So there you have it, legal advice in a rap,
Hope you found it useful, now go and take a nap.